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Check Your Email Results

One of most powerful features of Office Accelerator One-Minute marketing is the immediate results you'll receive on each email campaign.  Office Accelerator provides immediate feedback based on email recipient activity such as clicks on your email, opened emails, visits to your marketing website and much more.  When these activities happen, Office Accelerator notifies you via 'Email Alerts' and built in Accelerator 'Lead Alerts'.

Email Alerts

By default, 'Email Alerts' are enabled in Accelerator.   This means that when an email recipient opens, clicks or views emails sent via your email campaign, you will be notified as to the event via an 'Email Alert'.  Email alerts provide you with the recipients name and contact information as well as click time information.  Email Alerts are potential customers who should be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Someone Clicked Your Link

Accelerator Lead Alerts

Accelerator 'Lead Alerts' are displayed within the Accelerator phone book when email recipients within your campaign trigger an alert activity such as clicking or viewing your email.  A lead alert for the interested contact is immediately displayed within the Accelerator phone book and added to the lead alert manager. Your lead alerts are your most important potential customers and should be contacted immediately while they're showing an interest in your product or service.

  • Accelerator Lead Alert

Congratulations, setup is complete and now it's time to import your data.  CLICK HERE to proceed to the next step.