Office Accelerator® Support

Enterprise Mailer

The Office Accelerator Enterprise Mailer is a legacy Office Accelerator add-in designed to help manage an organizations mailings, such as Holiday Cards, that involve a multitude of signatures from various employees/partners.  This add-in is only useful for multi-user Office Accelerator accounts.  To use the Enterprise Mailer, follow the directions below.

  1. From the Office Accelerator phone book, click the |ADD-INS| menu and select |Enable Add-Ins|.
  2. Place a check in the box entitled |Enterprise Mailer|, then click the |Save| button. Enable Enterprise Mailer Addin
  3. Click the |ADD-INS| menu again and select |Enterprise Mailer|New Mailer Wizard|.  By default, the Enterprise Mailer will create a new mailer, click the |Continue| button. Create New Mailer
  4. Enter the Mailer Name, this will be the name given to the root level Enterprise Mailer folder.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Name the Enteprise Mailer Folder
  5. Select a Cut-Off Date for the mailer.  This date is shown on the folder to those users whom you share the mailer with. The cutoff date is used to notify users when they will no longer be able to add contacts to the folder, for example, you may need to get your Christmas cards mailed by December 16th and set a cutoff date of December 14th.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Set Enteprise Mailer Cut Off Date
  6. You can select additional Accelerator users to help administer the mailer.  Administrators can print reports and labels and help maintain the folders within the mailer.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Select Admins for the Mailer
  7. Select the Accelerator users that need to have their own folder to contribute contacts to.  These will be the users that sign or personalize the Holiday Cards and the folders that appear in the mailer for the administrator(s) that represent those users who will be contributing contacts and signing cards.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Share Folders
  8. Users selected in this section will have a folder call 'Christmas Cards 2015' (or whatever name you chose for your mailer) under |Folders Shared to Me|.  This is where the user will contribute those contacts they would like to be part of the mailer e.g. those people that they want to send holiday cards to.  Click the |Next| button to continue. 
    The mailer administrator can turn off these shared folders manually (this usually occurs on the cutoff date selected in step 5). 
    Shared Folders
  9. If users are proxy to other users, you may also include the user's proxies.  As was the case in step 8, proxies will also receive a folder call 'Christmas Cards 2015' (or whatever name you chose for your mailer) located under |Folders Shared to Me|.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Select Proxies to Share Folders
    Proxies are other Accelerator users you share your personal phone book contacts (My Phone Book folder) and calendar with.
  10. This section provides an option to select any additional users you would like to add to the mailer. These users will also have the mailer folder ('Christmas Cards 2015' or the name you provided in your mailer) located within |Folders Shared to Me| in the Office Accelerator phone book.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Select Additional Users
  11. This section provides options to prioritize the users.  Typically it's a good idea to leave this as the default, as the lead signer (Lead Signatory) will typically do less work.  Click the |Next| button to continue. Prioritize Signers
  12. The Summary screen will provide a summary of the Enterprise Mailer selections.  Click the |Finish| button to create the mailer. Mailer Summary
  13. After completing the setup wizard, the the Enterprise Mailer (EM) Administrator(s) will have a root level folder created under the |Folders| tab. This folder will display all user contribution folders, clicking on any of these will display the contacts users have contributed to the mailer. Enterprise Mailer Admin Folders
  14. Office Accelerator users selected to be part of the Enterprise Mailer will have a folder created under the |Folders| tab within |Folders Shared to Me|. Users can contribute contacts that they wish to send holiday cards by dragging and dropping contacts from the Current Search Result to the contribution folder. User Contribution Folders
  15. Once all of the users have contributed there contacts and the cutoff date has been reached, sharing to the folders can be removed and routing lists printed.  The routing lists are used to indicate which users need to sign which cards and in what order.  To prevent users from contributing additional contacts past the cutoff date, you will need to un-share the contribution folders.  From the phone book select |ADD-INS|Enterprise Mailer|Edit Mailer|, highlight the correct mailer and click the |Continue| button.  Click the |Sharing| tab and select Remove All Sharing from All User Folders|. Disable Sharing