Office Accelerator® Support

Mobile Sync

The Mobile Sync application provides a local copy of your Office Accelerator database for use offline.  To setup the Mobile Sync application, follow the directions below.

  • The Mobile Sync application is a legacy add-in scheduled to be removed from OA in future releases.  Mobile Sync will be replaced with a local cache option in future OA releases.
  1. The Mobile Sync is designed to sync with a user's personal 'My Phone Book' folder and personal calendar.  The My Phone Book folder typically represents a subset of the Office Accelerator database and is used to hold a user's personal contacts and personal calendar.  You can add the contents of the 'All Contacts' folder to a users My Phone Book folder as follows.  See Adding All Contacts to My Phone Book.  
  2. Download and run the following file.  Follow the directions provided in the extraction utility: 

    Office Accelerator Mobile Sync Unlock
  3. Download and install SQL Express via the following URL:

    SQL Express for Mobile Sync
  4. When the SQL installation is complete, open the Office Accelerator phone book.  From the |ADD-INS| menu select |Enable Add-Ins|.  Place a check in the box to the left of |Mobile Sync| then click the |Save| button to save your settings. Enable Mobile Sync Add-In
  5. Click the |ADD-INS| menu again and select |Setup Mobile Laptop Sync| following the onscreen prompts to setup the mobile sync.
    If you see |Go Mobile, Remove Me From the Network| from the |ADD-INS| menu, you will need to reset your Mobile Sync.  To reset the mobile sync, select |File|Administrator|User Right Settings|.  Select your user from the 'Set User Rights' dialog box and click the |Modify| button.  From the 'User Application Rights' dialog box click the |Mobile (laptop) Sync| tab.  From the |Mobile Sync| tab make sure the |Enable Mobile (Laptop) Sync for this User| is checked and that the number of contacts you intend to sync is set at the appropriate value, then click the |Advanced Options| button and select |YES| to reset the Mobile Sync.  If you do not have an Administrator option within the file menu of the phone book, please contact support at .