Office Accelerator® Support

Send Task Inbox Message

This feature is used to send a task alert to another Office Accelerator user.  In doing so, a task is created within the recipients calendar and a popup message alerts them of the new task.   To send a new task, follow the directions below.   

  1. From the |Contact| menu within the Office Accelerator phone book, select |Send New Task to Task Inbox|.  Enter a subject and comment for the task, select the recipient from the |Send To| drop down menu and select your attachment options, click the |Send| button when your done.
    If you would like to attach a contact or group of contacts to the inbox message, you'll need to search for the contacts prior to creating your inbox message.
    Send New Task
  2. A reminder will be sent to the recipient of your task inbox message with options to open, dismiss, or snooze the message for selected period of time. Reminder
  3. A new task item will also be created within the recipients calendar. Task To Do