Office Accelerator® Support

Email Document Properties

To set specific properties on email documents, follow the directions below.

  1. From the Accelerator phone book, open the One Minute Marketing Email Console then click the |Create and Edit Email Documents| button. Open the One-Minute Marketing Email Console
  2. To modify the properties of an email document, select an email document then click the |Properties| button. Email Document Properties
  3. The |Details| tab provides the options to change ownership of the selected email document as well as make the document inactive. To change ownership of an email document, click the |Edit| button and select a new owner.  Click the |OK| to save your settings. To make an email document inactive, place a check in the box entitled |Make this document inactive for me|. Click the |Save| button to save your changes.  Change Email Document Owner
  4. To set user rights for the selected email document, click the |Rights| tab. You can specify user rights for specific users by selecting a user from the drop and choosing the rights for the user.  To specify rights for all users, use the |All Users| column to select the desired rights. Click the |Save| button to save your changes.  
    |All Users| right selections override individual user rights.
    Change Email Document Owner