Office Accelerator® Support

BlackBerry Sync

The Office Accelerator BlackBerry sync is an Office Accelerator legacy add-in.  Support for this feature is limited to existing Office Accelerator users only and supports Blackberry Phones with OS versions less then 10.  This feature will no longer receive updates and will be discontinued in future Office Accelerator releases.

Before beginning, you must have a functioning BlackBerry with an activated "Data Plan" from your mobile carrier as well as a cloud based Office Accelerator account.
  1. From the Office Accelerator phone book, click the |Add-Ins| menu and select |Enable Add-Ins|.
  2. From the |Add-In Options| dialog box, place a check in the |BlackBerry Sync| box and click the |Save| button. Enable BlackBerry Sync Add-In
  3. Click the |Add-Ins| menu again and select |BlackBerry Sync Options|.  If you will be syncing contacts from Office Accelerator to your Blackberry, check the box entitled |Contact Sync|, select the Office Accelerator folder you wish to sync with (typically My Phone Book), and select which Office Accelerator notes you wish to sync.
  4. Click the |Calendar Sync| tab.  If you will be syncing your Office Accelerator calendar to the BlackBerry, choose the appropirate options from the dialog box then click the |OK| button to save your settings.
    |Advanced Options| should only be used if instructed to do so by an Office Accelerator support representative.
  5. From your Blackberry device, download and install the Office Accelerator Blackberry sync from |Blackberry App World| and follow the onscreen directions.  When the installation is complete locate the Accelerator icon on your BlackBerry and launch the application.  Login to your Office Accelerator account on your BlackBerry using your account name, user name and password and choose your sync duration.    Press the |Start Sync| button to begin syncing (you may need to press the menu button and select |Start Sync| depending on your BlackBerry version).