Office Accelerator® Support

Manage User Groups (Groups Tab)

Office Accelerator User Groups can be used to logically categorize your Office Accelerator users. For example, you may wish to sub-divide users from different branch offices into groups such as West Coast Sales, East Coasts Sales etc. To create a new group and add users to a group, follow the directions below.

  1. Open the Office Accelerator phone book and select |File|Administrator|Administration App| and click the |Groups| tab. Accelerator Admin App
  2. Click the |New Group| button and enter a name and comment. Click the |Save| button to save your settings. Creating a New Group
  3. To add users to the group, click the |User Logins| tab, highlight the user(s) in the list you would like to add to a category and click the |Edit User| button. From the |User Properties| dialog box, click the |Edit| button within the |Groups| section and select the group(s) you wish to add the user to, then click |OK| to save your settings. From the |User Properties| screen, click the |Save| button to save the user property changes. Adding a User to a Group