Office Accelerator® Support

Email Document Properties

To set specific properties on email documents, follow the directions below.

  1. From the Accelerator phone book, open the Email Marketing Console then click the |Create and Edit Email Documents| button. Open the Email Marketing Console
  2. To modify the properties of an email document, select an email document then click the |Properties| button. Email Document Properties
  3. The |Details| tab provides the options to change ownership of the selected email document as well as make the document inactive. To change ownership of an email document, click the |Edit| button and select a new owner.  Click the |OK| to save your settings. To make an email document inactive, place a check in the box entitled |Make this document inactive for me|. Click the |Save| button to save your changes.  Change Email Document Owner
  4. To set user rights for the selected email document, click the |Rights| tab. You can specify user rights for specific users by selecting a user from the drop and choosing the rights for the user.  To specify rights for all users, use the |All Users| column to select the desired rights. Click the |Save| button to save your changes.  
    |All Users| right selections override individual user rights.
    Change Email Document Owner