Office Accelerator® Support

Dial Phone

The |Dial Phone| feature uses your Windows Dialer to dial phone numbers stored within your Office Accelerator phone book.  To use this feature, you need a modem installed and configured to work with your Windows dialer on your PC.  You can purchase a USB modem from many online retailers such as  Once your modem is configured, you'll typically need to plug the phone cord (RJ-11) from the wall, into the 'Line' port on the modem and your phone into the 'Phone' port on the modem.  To use the |Dial Phone| function with Office Accelerator, follow the directions below. Modem Diagram

  1. Search for the contact that you would like to call.
  2. From the |Contact| menu within the Office Accelerator phone book select |Dial Phone|.  If the contact has more than one number, select the number you would like to dial and click the |Dial| button.  Select Phone Number
    You can also press the 'F9' key on your keyboard to bring up the dialer, then press your 'TAB' key twice to place the focus in the phone number screen and use your arrow keys to scroll through the phone numbers.  To dial the number, you can press the 'TAB' key 3X and press 'ENTER' to send the number to the windows dialer.
  3. Pick up the handset on your phone, you should hear the dial tone.  Click the |OK| button or press the |Enter| key on your keyboard. Pick up the Phone
  4. The Windows Dialer application will open and connect your call.  When the call is connected, press the |Hang Up| button on the |Dialing| screen.   Hang Up
    You can TAB to the |Dialing| screen and press |Alt + H| on your keyboard to hang up the call.