Office Accelerator® Support

Manage User Proxies (User Logins Tab)

Proxies are other Office Accelerator users within your account that share contacts and calendars. A user that is 'Proxy To' another user has access to everything that user has access to, but NOT vice versa. To make an Office Accelerator users proxy to another user, follow the directions below.

  • Open the Office Accelerator Administration App by selecting|File|Administrator|Add/Remove Users (Administration App) | then click the |User Logins| tab. Select the user in the list that you would like to make proxy to another user then click the |Edit User| button. Within the |Proxy To| section of the |User Properties| dialog box, click the |Edit| button and select the users you wish to make the selected user proxy to. Click the |OK| button to save your selections, then click the |Save| button to save the user properties. Office Accelerator Administrator App - Setting User Proxies