Office Accelerator® Support

Enabling the Accelerator Menu in Microsoft Word

The Accelerator Macro Suite is an add-in feature of Office Accelerator that installs an Accelerator menu within your Word Processor (Microsoft Word and/or Corel WordPerfect) providing the ability to merge contact data from Office Accelerator directly to your Word or WordPerfect document.  Office Accelerator ships with pre-defined templates for Letters, Labels, Envelopes, Forms, and Faxes, and provides tools to create your own customized merge documents.  Customized documents can then be saved, re-used, and even shared with other Office Accelerator users within your account.  To enable the Accelerator menu in Word, follow the directions below: Office Accelerator Menu in Microsoft Word

  1. Close Microsoft Word.
  2. From the Office Accelerator phone book, click the |Add-Ins| menu and select |Enable Add-Ins|. Add-Ins List
  3. Select the |Accelerator Menu in Microsoft Word| option and click the |Save| button. Select Add-In
  4. Select the |Add-Ins| menu again and click |Install/Remove the Accelerator menu in Microsoft Word|. Select to Install Add-In
  5. Click the |Install| button to add the menu to Word. Complete Installation
  6. Click |OK| to complete the installation. Complete Installation
  7. Open Microsoft Word and click the |ADD-INS| tab, the Accelerator menu should now be installed.